Safety Glasses by ArmouRX

ArmouRX Prescription Safety Glasses

Discover unparalleled safety and style with Armourx prescription safety glasses. Their extensive range includes five distinct collections: Basic, Classic, Metro, Titanium, and the ever-popular Wrap Around RX safety glasses. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, each pair of safety glasses prescription frame offers superior protection without compromising aesthetics. Plus, with our specialized side shields for glasses, you can ensure comprehensive safety from all angles. Elevate your RX safety eyewear game and prioritize safety without sacrificing fashion. Explore our catalog to find your perfect fit today. Download the catalog by clicking this button.

Armourx Prescription Safety Glasses

Stylish Safety Glasses With Purpose

ArmouRX sets the standard for functional yet stylish RX safety eyewear. The innovative designs of ArmouRX blend protection with contemporary flair, earning recognition from discerning customers worldwide. Among these offerings, the ArmouRX Titanium Collection, featuring popular models 8001 and 8002, enjoy particular acclaim for its sleek aesthetics and sturdy construction. Additionally, our female clientele gravitate towards the Metro Collection, which boasts stylish prescription safety glasses that effortlessly combine fashion with safety. With ArmouRX, you don’t have to compromise on style or security. Experience the perfect fusion of form and function today.

Wrap Around Prescription Safety Glasses

The ArmouRX Wrap-RX collection is the most popular wrap around safety glasses we sell. Specifically, the ArmouRX 6001, 6008 and 6009 models as of today. But consumer preferences change all the time and so will the designs created by our frame manufacturers. The best advice we can offer is to ask our “RX Safety Glass Experts” for what’s best for you.

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